A new video is reportedly said to have been released by Altcoin Daily’s host, Austin Arnold. Arnold has allegedly used the video, which has reached a total audience of about 562,000 on YouTube, to list the top 9 most promising crypto assets he has on his watch list.

Who is Austin Arnold? 

Arnold is a widely known crypto trader and analyst. The crypto analyst recently announced his anticipated “most promising” crypto assets. He believes that the altcoins on his list will outperform the rest in the crypto market in 2021, starting from March and April. He took to his YouTube channel, Altcoin Each Day, to tell his subscribers about his analysis and forecast. 

Below is a list of the analyst’s anticipated most promising altcoins.


The analyst has placed ETH as the first on the list. He said that the reason for that is because the quantity of ETH is currently at a 16-month low, which shows a rising omen. He also explained that the ETH team is planning on executing a new update which may result in advance of 100x in the coming weeks.


Cardano, popularly abbreviated as ADA, emerged second on Arnold’s list. He said that the Charles Hoskinson smart contract is getting developed inside out, making it one to anticipate.


The analyst reports Litecoin or LTC to be soaring high towards attaining a really appreciable update. Litecoin, which is the 9th largest crypto asset, is doing well over the years with a steady growth rate.


Citigroup has previously reported LINK to be a promising decentralized token. The analyst emphasizes the report as he believes that the token’s value might increase over the record holder, Bitcoin, as time goes by.

Polygon (Matic)

The token has just been included as a tradable token by Coinbase, and it falls in place as Arnold’s number five. The token, by Arnold, is one to be looked out for. He says that it has a considerable measure of success and hence, the need to anticipate.

Skale Network (Skl)

Just launched on Coinbase, the asset is said to be on the verge of pumping up in the news later on. Arnold claims that there is no doubt about the asset’s ability to flourish amidst its contemporaries.


SUSHI was also recently launched by Coinbase, and it has earned the analyst’s attention. We need to watch out for positive outcomes from this coin based on Arnold’s predictions. 

Cook Protocol

Arnold said that this invention is on its way to create a user-friendly basis on which benefits will be based. The project has strong financial backing and reliable sponsorship from DuckDAO, a boomer in the crypto market.


The token is said to have been experiencing a tremendous rise in value hence its position on Arnold’s list.