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The Forex College has made an assessment of TradeBaionics for you today and we have concluded in our TradeBaionics review that it is indeed a recommended broker. You can understand why in this review. You can sign up with TradeBaionics trading platform in the link below or continue reading to learn all you need to know.

TradeBaionics Review

TradeBaionics logoIf you wish to start your trading business with a boom, you must go for a brokerage firm that can aid you to succeed in the trading world. One must consider multiple factors before deciding or finalizing the broker. TradeBaionics is a recommended broker in the financial industry. This in-depth research of TradeBaionics will guide you about this brokerage firm. This TradeBaionics review mentions all the essential points you need to know before reaching a decision.

At this time, an influx of brokers is already in the market. You may get perplexed to select a broker when you have thousands of other options. But as you are here to search about TradeBaionics, then this broker is entirely different. Being a trader at TradeBaionics, you will find plenty of options and tools that can assist you in your trading business. Not just these features, but the article continues to include all the crucial factors that can impact your choice of a broker.

Simple Registration Process

Whenever you decide to sign up with a broker, that means you have made a judgment. By determining all the valid points, you choose a broker and then register yourself to move forward.

Many traders want the registration process to be as simple as possible. It is because several brokers in the market collect data from traders that are not needed. Also, they make the whole process time-consuming by gathering information that will not make a difference.

The ups and downs of financial markets are quite frequent. As an investor, you instantly have to make some tough decisions at the right time to profit yourself. If you get registered with the broker, you can indeed carry out all your trading-related activities. But if you are not registered with an online broker, you cannot invest your money in a specific market.

TradeBaionics knows the value of time in traders’ eyes, which is why they have kept the sign-up process pretty uncomplicated. To get yourself registered, you have to open the sign-up page on the broker’s website. A brief form will emerge on your device’s screen, and you have to enter the details. You have to add information such as your name, email address, phone number, and country. After that, you need to select the currency in which you are comfortable in trading.

The currency options are USD, GBP, and EUR at this time. When you have added all this information, the only thing remaining is to agree with the broker’s terms and services. Also, you have to certify that your age is above 18. This process might take only a few minutes, and you will become a part of the broker.


Diverse Range of Trading Assets

The asset options on the platform can significantly impact traders’ trading portfolios. Moreover, every trader’s choice is different. Some of the traders are comfortable with the volatile crypto market. Then there are investors who plan to start their business with forex markets. With such diversity within traders’ choices, it is better for brokers to offer a wide range of instruments, so the investors do not feel restricted. Many brokers limit the traders by providing fewer options.

Once you sign-up with TradeBaionics, you will find a range of assets in which you can invest your capital to earn huge profits. The asset index the platform offers is vast. A wide variety of instruments are available on the broker in which investors can sell and purchase.

One of the assets the broker offers is cryptocurrency. Digital coins came into existence 12 years ago. Before 2009, people never knew that this type of trading was even possible. The arrival of the internet has invited many brokerage firms to offer digital coins. Cryptocurrency is of great worth, and many investors are taking advantage to profit themselves.

The crypto assets offered here at TradeBaionics are multiple. There is an endless list of crypto offerings on the platform. If you are interested in some prominent cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin or Ethereum or even want to discover more, this broker is the right choice. You will get various options, and it is totally up to you what asset you pick to continue your trade.

Apart from the crypto market, this broker also enables users to take part in stock markets. You can invest in shares of big and international companies like Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, and Google through TradeBaionics. By investing in stock markets, you can gain enormous profits and can improve your trading portfolio.

Not just in stocks, but the firm also gives you access to the forex market. This market is in demand and carries great value. As a forex trader, you can stay in profits if you make the right decisions at the proper timings.

Not only those assets which I have mentioned above, but TradeBaionics also offers traders to trade in indices, commodities, metals, and CFDs. The broker hasn’t restricted any of its customers.

Trading Platform

When the discussion is about the trading platform, then TradeBaionics is here to impress you with the excellent facilities it provides. The platform is interactive and easy to use. The broker has a complete set of modern tools that can be used by the traders to make some better decisions. These tools include Live charts, Asset index, Economic calendar, Alerts, Traders’ Guide, News, Market Insights, and Market Analysis Videos. On this broker, you have multiple language options too. If you do not understand English, then you can switch to the language of your choice.

The firm offers a web-based platform to the investor by which they can continue their trading business. As a web-based platform, it does require you to install it and update the app from time to time. You can comfortably trade through TradeBaionics if you have internet available. Along with this, the firm has added MT4, which is yet an amazing platform to trade. With the help of MT4 software, you can make some best verdicts that can help you to grow in the trading market.

Not just the MT4 platform, but the broker has also offered MT5 trading platform, which is more advanced than the MT4 software and helps traders to excel in the trading industry.

TradeBaionics has kept the platform portable and flexible. For that, they have introduced a mobile app that can be installed, and people can start trading through it. For the traders who are constantly on the move, the mobile app is the best option.

TradeBaionics trading platform

Educational Program

At this time, there are millions of online traders who are looking for opportunities by which they can increase their profits. There are traders who aren’t even familiar with the trading terms. To increase their knowledge with trading regard, TradeBaionics has come up with a proper trading education section. The broker facilitates you by providing access to various resources. These resources are provided by market experts, and you can learn a lot through them.

The resources available at TradeBaionics include:

  • Glossary
  • E-books
  • Seminars
  • Webinars
  • One-on-one trading
  • Help center
  • Trading Academy

The glossary helps you to learn the trading terminologies that are important for you to know as a trader. E-books, on the other hand, are for individuals who prefer learning at their own pace. The E-books provided by the broker carry tons of knowledge regarding trading and its strategies. The seminars and webinars are hosted by experts in trading. These seminars and webinars are a way to learn trading with those who are experienced in this field. On the other hand, one-on-one trading sessions are helpful to the traders who hesitate in classroom learning style. The help center and trading academy by TradeBaionics is a great initiative to increase the traders’ knowledge in the trading field.


Whenever we talk about security with reference to brokerage firms, the topic becomes crucial. It is because security is one of the most significant qualities of any brokerage firm. The crooks and cheaters are everywhere, including the online financial industry. People go through losses because of their lousy selection with respect to brokers.

Now traders have realized its importance and have made the criteria to choose brokers on which the security of the platform is on the top.

When the discussion is about TradeBaionics’s security, then the firm has applied some robust security measures that keep all the crimes and hackers away from the platform. Also, your information is secure when you are a consumer of this brokerage firm. You do not need to fear your personal information being leaked or your money being used for other purposes. It is because TradeBaionics follows some internationally recognized policies that prove to the traders that the platform is secure.

These policies are KYC (Know Your Customer) policy and AML (Anti Money Laundering) policy. To prevent identity theft, the broker implements the KYC policy. To follow this rule, brokers have to gather some personal information time by time from their clients. It is done to make sure that the broker is only entertaining customers and not the hackers. On the other side, AML policy is there to safeguard traders’ money from being used in any illegal activity. The AML policy assures that the money provided by the investors is only used for trading purposes.

Customer Support

At any point in time, you may encounter some issues with the platform. For such cases, clients look for customer support services on the platform. These services are a must need whenever the customer gets into an issue. If you are a broker with many facilities but not with excellent customer support, there is a high chance that you may lose customers.

New traders and experienced ones may face issues while carrying out their trading business; whether it is about taking some tough decision or having an issue while trading, you will surely need some assistance throughout.

As a legitimate broker, TradeBaionics realizes the importance of customer care services. For this purpose, it has a dedicated staff that can aid customers at the time of need. The staff is full of trading experts who can appropriately guide traders.

It is always better to get in touch with the firm directly. That is possible in this broker in many alternative ways. The first method is to reach their location if you are a resident of the UK. Their address is 60 Queen Victoria St, London EC4N 4TZ, United Kingdom, as mentioned on the website. The second mode of communication is to call on the numbers which are provided on the websites. Just in case you do not get an answer from the broker’s side because of the busy lines, you can leave your number, and the staff will call you back. The third way is to write an email to the email address provided on the broker’s website. Your email should carry the details of the problem which you are facing.

The fourth way is a bit different. This method involves filling a form available on the contact us page. This form asks about your name, email address, country, the type of problem you are having, and there is a space given for your message where you can highlight your concerns. Moreover, the broker has also introduced a live support program where you can contact the broker to get your problems resolved immediately. Also, if you are hesitant to ask some repetitive questions, search for your question in the FAQ section. This section includes all the frequently asked questions with their answers.

Trading Accounts

In this era, for a broker, it is essential to have multiple account options. It is because the number of traders is increasing day by day. Along with the number, we must understand that not every trader is of the same level. They differ in expertise and experience. It is yet important to keep all levels of traders separated not only for broker’s easiness but also because of traders’ demands.

TradeBaionics currently offers seven different account types. These account types can be distinguished by the features offered in each of them. The broker offers account options as follows:

  • Bronze Account

The Bronze account is for beginners or for those who have just taken their first step in the trading world. To keep things uncomplicated, the account holders of the Bronze account get some basic level facilities. These facilities include Market Insights, CMTrading Ebooks, Social Trading, and Webinar access. This account type can be opened up by investing 10,000 Euros.

  • Silver Account

The Silver account can be opened up by depositing 25,000 Euros. This account type is for those traders who are familiar with the basics of trading. Along with all the services mentioned in the Bronze account type, this type also offers advanced VOD to the account holders.

  • Gold Account

This account type can be opened up by investing 50,000 Euros. Here in this account, you get all the other features mentioned in the previous account types, including one risk-free trade and a personal assistant to assist you in your trading decisions.

  • Platinum Account

Traders that are entirely familiar with the trading business should go for this account type. You can open this account option by making an investment of 100,000 Euros. With the previously stated facilities, you get three risk-free trades, a customized account, and access to the trading room in this account type.

  • Diamond Account

The diamond account is for traders with tons of experience in the trading field. This account option can be opened by depositing 250,000 Euros. The diamond account offers you exclusive market updates, special offers, and trading specialists with all the other facilities.

  • Premium Account

The premium account can be accessed by investing 500,000 Euros. This account type offers multiple other facilities along with those provided in previous account types. Those features include a premium education package, premium algorithmic trading system, full account overview, and a dedicated account genius.

  • VIP Account

The VIP account is for market professionals that have a lot of trading experience and can spend large capital on their investment. This account can be opened by investing 1,000,000 Euros. With all the services included, the additional benefits are customized platforms, exclusive assets, and a premium account manager.

  • Islamic Account

The Islamic account is created for Muslim traders, so do not consider their religious boundaries while carrying out their business. In the Islamic account, traders are provided with facilities such as halal account, swap-free, no Interests, market reviews, social trading, webinar access, and spreads.


This TradeBaionics review might have helped you to know each and every aspect of this brokerage firm. Traders rely and trust on this broker because it provides them with multiple options and educates them. Furthermore, transparency is there, and traders are aware of everything while they carry out their trade. The security, asset index, educational program, customer support, and all the other services provided by the broker are exceptional. TradeBaionics can help you to succeed in this trading world in less time. It is yet one of the best brokers in the financial market at the moment.