One of the investigators of the FTX collapse is the Turkish Monetary governmental establishment. In an inquiry into the decline in the exchange bankruptcy, Turkish governors have got together with the US and Bahama Islands counterparts. 

Insolvency of FTX is being looked into by the Turkish Monetary Authority

After the FTX cryptocurrency exchange declared bankruptcy on November 11 and filed for bankruptcy, Turkey’s Finance crime investigation establishment has become the most recent organization to do so.

In addition to FTX, authorities are going to investigate users of the platform and businesses connected to it, such as banks, e-money companies, and cryptocurrency suppliers.

This info was disclosed in a government statement on the 14th of November. Additionally, the governor claimed that it kept an eye on FTX’s operations, based on national anti-money washing regulations. 

The new recovery measure for users

Users could request to get back the funds with no need for a transfer day using a Google form provided by FTX’s regional affiliate, FTX Turkey.

Users were prompted to provide their global banking wallet addresses on the company’s website and Twitter account in order to speed up the refund procedure.

According to statistics from the nation’s cryptocurrency exchange Paribu, the Republic of Turkey is listed among the most significant developing marketplaces for the cryptocurrency sphere, with about eight million users there utilizing cryptocurrencies.

In November, approximately one hundred and thirty businesses belonging to the FTX group—which consists of the exchange platform, the US department and Alameda —filed for insolvency in the US, after a violent crash the day before. 

In addition to Turkey, the United States and the Bahamas also disclosed last week that they were looking into insolvent cryptocurrency exchanges.

The SEC and Administrative district of law enforcement and regulation are taking a close look into the current crypto-related situation in the USA.

The Manhattan, New York, federal prosecutor’s office also opened an inquiry into the events directing up to the stock trader’s collapse.

The California Administrative division of Business Security and Development published more research on several FTX obvious failures.

Investigations into potential criminal offenses are carried out in the Bahamas by commercial research workers and safeties controls.