The USA under Secretary for Political Affairs, Victoria Nuland, went on a Central American tour to meet with the leadership of several countries. The list includes states like Paraguay, El Salvador, and Panama. Upon a closer inspection, it can be deduced that all of these states are planning to promote their economy with the help of Bitcoin promotion.

Nuland told the media that the objective of the meeting was to express the government’s interest to keep collaborating for a safe, democratic, and prosperous El Salvador. However, the statement issued by US Embassy in the region claims that Nuland had a meeting with Nayib Bukele, Foreign Minister Hill, Civil Society, and youth political party leaders in lieu of furthering the democratic agenda. Meanwhile, Bukele tweeted the term United Fruit Party, to sum up the entire affair.

The Bitcoin Community is Outraged by the Action of Reuters

While the US political alliance is tossing and turning about the new Bitcoin stance from President Bukele, some media outlets seem to be taking media manipulation to the next level. The Bitcoin community is enraged with international media outlet Reuters for presenting the images of Bukele in a questionable article. The Twitter account of Reuters recently published a new article that is related to the subject of the US Corruption list in the Central American region.

The details of the list indicate that name of Bukele is not added to the list. However, his images in the title suggest otherwise. This implied meaning media report has sparked a debate among the crypto community. While some are questioning the integrity of the media outlet, others claim that it is part of the Central Bank policies to put Bukele under pressure. 

Bitcoin Progress Train is Moving Rapidly Forward in El Salvador

The Bitcoin law is said to pass in Salvador by September. However, other developments in the region are happening much faster. El Zonte, a small beachside village in Salvador, has acquired the position of the land of crypto opportunities and Lightning Network valley. The place is slowly turning into a trade-free zone for the crypto-based enterprise by offering free IT, English, and software development courses.

Meanwhile, Salvador is also planning to become the largest exporter of Bitcoin ATMs in the world. The Chainbytes have already set up factories and imported raw materials to get the production started. The company also claims that production volumes will increase exponentially in the matter of the next few weeks.