World Stocks Review

WorldStocks is a platform offering a global online trading partnership to its clients. If you are looking for an online broker or trading platform that arms you with the most cutting edge and innovative trading platform in the industry, then you must check this one out.

You may ask Why WorldStocks?

WorldStocks creates an immersive experience for the online traders from around the world to get involved on a much deeper level than any other platform available to-date. They put you at the epicentre of their trading plans and actions. The platform guarantees for traders like you to have a safe, rewarding and reliable online trading adventure.

There are good brokers and bad ones; how you distinguish between the two is where it gets tricky. It is always safe to find out if the online trading platform is all that it says it is. WorldStocks themselves do not make any claims to be the best or being the number one online broker platform. However, they believe if they continue to deliver an exceptional and impeccable trading service to their clients with low cost and superior execution, it will bring them customers’ loyalty, and trust automatically.

Areas WorldStocks Excel In

When it comes to the world of online trading and brokerage business, a platform must offer flexibility with the most advanced tools. At WorldStocks, they have got your back as you get everything you need to maximize your trading and investment opportunities with the world as your market place.

Some of the best features that WorldStocks has to offer are:

Trade Anywhere

You can trade from anywhere and to any destination in the world. No matter you are sitting on your desktop, lying back on a couch with your tablet, or on-to-move. Your trading is always available on the comfort of your screen.

Advanced Charting

You can use some of the most useful, interactive and advanced tools that any online platform has to offer. You can interact with WorldStocks accurate and real-time customizable charts as per your requirement. Use the charts and organize them the way you like. Get the information you need and have it displayed on your screen the way you want.  

Flexible Trading

Whatever your trading strategy is, you can now apply it at WorldStocks platform. Plus, they help you with the customizable strategy so you can try them out with confidence. In short, this trading platform offers and supports trading strategies suitable for all types and mindsets of traders.

Access to Multiple Markets

Now you have access to multiple markets not just on a global scale, but you also get access to numerous arenas in trading. You can go long or short in the trading world of stocks, forex, commodities and cryptocurrencies as well, just have your pick. WorldStocks is more of a one-stop solution when it comes to global online trading and broker platform.

How You Trade on WorldStocks

There are two ways you can get into your trading mode on WorldStocks.


ETF or Exchange-Traded Fund is the form of investment fund trading on stock exchanges, almost similar to stocks. Your ETF holds your trading assets such as commodities, stocks and bonds. It typically operates with a customized mechanism which is designed such a way that it keeps your trading close to the net asset value. However, some deviation may occur occasionally.

ETF also allows you as an investor to invest in diversified arenas of bonds, stocks and other investment domains, all in just a single transaction. Similar to mutual funds, it pools your money to buy shares of a variety of different investment options. These investments typically mimic the benchmark, such as the S&P 500. However, unlike mutual funds, investors dealing with ETF do not have ownership of any underlying assets present in the fund – it is the ETF provider who maintains the ownership of these funds. As an investor or ETF shareholder, you own a portion of these available ETF funds.

WorldStocks let you trade via ETFs on an exchange, somewhat similar to individual stocks. It means you can buy and sell your ETFs throughout the day at any time. However, WorldStocks also care about your security and safety; therefore, they want you to be careful and be calculative in what and where you invest. You must remember that all investment opportunities come with a risk, therefore be wary as the ETFs mirror underlying assets and their value can rise or fall at any time depending on the market condition. Beware and always make an educated and well-thought move when it comes to investing your hard-earned cash.

While you deal with ETFs on WorldStocks, always remember other risk factors involved such as liquidity of the funds, which means how quickly and easily you can purchase or sell your ETFs. Plus you must always consider the potential of any of the funds closing down. ETF costs can come to you from various directions such as:


As you know by now that WorldStocks allow you to trade ETFs on an exchange, these ETFs may come with broker stock commissions to be paid. However, many brokers do eliminate these trading commissions, which means you can purchase and sell your ETFs for free.

Expense Ratio

Just like any other fund, ETFs do charge a fee, i.e. expense ratio to pass the administration costs of the funds to the investor such as yourself. This expense ratio is actually paid as an annual fee which is expressed and calculated as a percentage amount of your investment.

For example, if you make an annual investment of $1,000 and your expense ratio is 1% – you will pay a $10 yearly fee to the ETF trading platform. However, you do not have to worry as most ETFs passively follow a benchmark trend, so their expenses or cost are on the lower side than what you will have to pay if you were dealing with an active mutual fund.

WorldStocks Web Terminal

The other way is to enter into the WorldStocks’ Traderoom. It is an award-winning online trading platform that works on your web browsers. It is a very user-friendly trading terminal by WorldStocks, which is ideal for novice online traders as well as experts and more seasoned online traders globally. WorldStocks Traderoom offers a variety of advanced features such as advanced software for charting and boundary orders.

It is software that is designed to work on any web-browser on your computers. The design has the primary aim to cater to all the needs of any CFD traders with any level of expertise, looking to invest in multiple online trading arenas from one platform. WorldStocks Traderoom offers simplicity, accuracy, and security without any compromises on the quality to all their clients. Some of the salient features of their Traderoom include:

  • You can trade currencies in Forex pairs, trade shares, commodities, indices and treasuries all from one platform on your screen.
  • You get worldwide access to more than 5,000 different tools and instruments to trade
  • It also offers you analytical charts which are automated with technical analysis tools
  • WorldStocks Traderoom guarantees you better pricing along with increased liquidity over other “level 2” online trading platforms.
  • You get a market and news calendar on your dashboard which is powered by Reuters

WorldStocks Offers MetaTrader 4 Platform

A MetaTrader 4 or more commonly known as MT4 is a widely used electronic online trading platform. Online speculative traders use it for foreign exchange and retail. MT4 was developed by a software company called MetaQuotes and was first released from public use in 2005. It is software is a licensed technology that offers online trading service to the brokers interested in foreign exchange trade.

 You can download this software through WorldStocks platform, and it comes with both server and client component. WorldStocks will operate the server component whereas the client-side of MT4 will be installed on your computer.

You will be able to view all the information you need as an online trader or investor. It includes the real-time prices streaming live on your screen, live analytical charts with interactive tools, options to place your orders and manage your trading portfolio and accounts all from one screen.

You can get the client who is a Microsoft Windows application. The main reason why it popular is it gives you the ability as an end-user investor or trader to write your own trading protocols and rules with options to enable automated trading.

It means you do not have to be sitting in front of your screen all the time, you set the protocols and rules for trading, and if those protocols are fulfilled, the system will execute the trading for you.

You will get a built-in editor in your client’s terminal of MT4. It is designed in such a way that you can use it as a stand-alone platform to manage your positions.

Components you will get for MT4 via WorldStocks

You will able to get your hands on complete MT4 software package with all the components for any kind of device that you may use. These are as follows:

Client Terminal or Software

It is software provided for free by WorldStocks to all its online traders and investors. You will also be able to create a free demo account for practising the trade or learn the ropes of the business, especially if you are new to the world of investment. It will provide you with trade operations options, technical analysis via a chart in real-time and teach you how to read them.

If you know a little bit of programming in C, it will allow you to write your own trading strategies, signals and indicators as well. However, you do not have to worry about it if you do not know anything about programming whatsoever because there 50 basic built-in indicators which you can customize to your needs and preference.

You can run this MT4 software on Windows 98/2000/X/7 or the latest version of Windows 10 or 11 as well. Some users from Wine and Linux background have reported that they can use the software easily n those platforms as well. You do get a version for Mac OS as well.

MT4 Mobile App

Now control your trading on your screen on-the-move via one of the most interactive smartphone applications. You can run into Windows phone, IOS as well as Android. You will get all the features and functionalities that are offered on the desktop version on the platform.

WorldStocks Future of Trading

We have mentioned earlier in our review that WorldStocks lets you trade in multiple arenas and domains from their platform. Here is all you need to know about the trading sectors supported by WorldStocks.

Trading Cryptocurrencies via WorldStocks

While being an online investor or trader on WorldStocks, you can indulge in the world of cryptocurrency trade. You will get your own CFD account for you to speculate whether you have chosen to invest in the right cryptocurrency and if the price value of your cryptocurrency will rise or fall. All the cryptocurrency prices displayed and quoted on WorldStocks platform are quoted against the US dollars.

Traders on WorldStocks do not have to go through a painstakingly complicated process of purchasing cryptocurrency from various exchanges. You also do not have to worry about storing your purchased coins into any crypto-wallets etc. WorldStocks take care of all that hassle for you – it does offer you a one-stop solution for all your needs as an international online trader.

Additionally and most importantly, you get the perks of being leveraged as an online trader from WorldStocks platform.  Trading in cryptocurrencies using this platform will cost you a fraction of the price what you will pay on any other online or cryptocurrency trading platform in the world.

Why Trade in Cryptocurrencies on WorldStocks?

WorldStocks has a competitive and long list of cryptocurrencies that you can trade in 24/7 throughout the year. As you may know that the cryptocurrency market is a decentralized domain which is not controlled by any authorities, government or central banks. Therefore, you can access this trading 24 hours a day, seven days a week, at your convenience. You must know that cryptocurrency trading is relatively young and an emerging trading marketplace.

You must understand that just like any other stock market or forex trade market, it comes with its own sets of complications and rules. The prices of cryptocurrency are very much volatile, like any other shares or online trading market. However, if you are a bit of a daredevil or who enjoys a competitive market environment, then you may want to consider cryptocurrency as your choice of online trading.

Traditionally, when you go on other cryptocurrency exchanges, you will have to go through a long process of transferring your funds to the crypto-wallet. Next step will be for you to purchase your cryptocurrency’s coins or token at a lower price. You will then have to wait to sell your cryptocurrency one its price spikes to a higher value for you to make a profit.

However, with WorldStocks, you will be able to evaluate and speculate on the value of your cryptocurrency coins by going short or long; thus you will be able to take advantage of the crypto-price movement in the market in both directions.

WorldStocks Making Stock Trading Easy

It is right to say that stock trading has always been one of the most preferred trading options for investors all around the world, and it has been like that for a few decades now. WorldStocks intend to keep this tradition alive in the online trading world as well.

They offer all their traders with the best stock trading opportunities through their advanced CFD trading tools via the online trading platform. WorldStocks brings you closer to the stock market more than any other competitors out there.

Fortunately, when trading with WorldStocks as an online trader, you will not need to move physically to invest in big giants such as Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, Facebook, and Netflix etc. Apart from these, there are tens of hundreds of other variety of stocks that you can dive deep right in and choose for trading to kick start your online investment career with WorldStocks.

Commodities Trading Via WorldStocks

You can now get the best outcome in the world of commodities trading if you choose to be a trader with WorldStocks. Commodity trading if simple put, is purchasing and selling of any or all tradable assets such as Petroleum, Oil, Gold, Silver, even cotton and corn.

In the world of finance, both traditional and online investors trade in these commodities or others with an aim to profit with the changes in the prices in the stock market.

These commodities are widely and most commonly considered as the building blocks of any economy in the world. Therefore, any fluctuations in the prices of these commodities will affect eh value of other products associated with them in any way, shape or form.

So if you invest in crude oil and you invest in petrol as well, your investment will double because of the increase in the price of crude oil will increase the cost of gasoline for cars. Hence a win-win situation for you to invest with a little bit of knowledge and that is where WorldStocks help you to learn the game.

WorldStocks for Forex Traders

Forex trading is the marketplace for currency trade. It is all about the speculation of price movements in the world of foreign currencies. It is probably one of the largest markets globally, with a whopping turnover of over five trillion dollars daily.

 You can take advantage of forex trading anytime because it is open 24 hours a day, five days a week. Additionally, what makes it more appealing is that you can indulge in forex trading from wherever you are, and that is what makes it more attractive to many investors and traders globally.

WorldStocks brings you the flexibility of the foreign exchange market as an online forex trader. You will be able to carry out your daily routine without a hassle as the WorldStocks will allow you to trade wherever you are. Moreover, it also offers you a user-friendly and modern forex trading platform. This platform will enable you as a modern-day online forex trader to deal in hundreds of hottest and most profitable assets and currencies along with competitive leverages.

Types of Accounts Offered By WorldStocks

WorldStocks offers five types of accounts to its online traders with different levels of expertise. These are:

Essentials – It is their basic account at $250; you get leverage of 1:50, with lot size from 0.01 along with morning briefs and dedicated CSM.

Micro – This account starts at $1000 with leverage of 1:75. You again get a lot size from 0.01, morning briefs and dedicated CSM.

Standard Account – WorldStocks Standard Account costs $5000. You get leverage of 1:100 plus morning briefs and trading signal access. Other perks include dedicated CSM, free VPS, premium trading education, and 39 points for commodities.

Premium Account – It will be $40,000 that comes with a leverage of 1:100. Additionally, you get morning briefs, trading signal access, MT4 indicators, dedicated CSM, free VPS, premium trading education and 33 points for commodities. You will also get -6 percent in indices.

Premium Pro – It will offer you a leverage of 1:150 at $200,000. You get full perks of all the above accounts plus premium CSM, exclusive events, and quarterly analyst sessions and commission as well. Plus the indices and commodities points you get are -10 percent and 29 points respectively.

Making Deposits with WorldStocks

Making funds deposit is easy with WorldStocks. It is simple, secure and efficient as they have designed an effortless deposit procedure. You can make deposits via credit or debit card and wire transfers with no fees charged.

Withdrawal Procedure

You can make fast and easy withdrawals of your funds using various methods which are as follows:

  • Bank Transfer: will take 5 to 7 business days and a fee of 50 USD, GBP or EUR will be charged.
  • VISA Card: it will take 3 to 5 business days with a charge of 25 USD, GBP or EUR.
  • Bitcoin: The withdrawal will take 3 to 5 business days, and the fee is subject to Terms and conditions.
  • NETELLER: it will take 3 to 5 business days to withdraw your funds with a fee of 25 USD, GBP or EUR.


WorldStocks creates an immersive experience for the online traders from around the world to get involved on a much deeper level than any other platform available to-date. They put you at the epicentre of their trading plans and actions. The platform guarantees for traders like you to have a safe, rewarding and reliable online trading adventure.