Cardano is a blockchain that has been making headlines and maintaining a visible media presence. The native coin of the Cardano blockchain is ADA, and it has been gaining traction among investors despite the ongoing pangs of massive price depreciation. The latest report suggests that Cardano investors can now see the native currency of the blockchain ADA getting paired with Bitcoin on all major cryptocurrency exchanges.

The latest announcement made by the cryptocurrency exchange market called the MEXC Global has confirmed the idea. The exchange platform claimed that Cardano blockchain consumers would be able to trade the native token against Bitcoin. The same exchange platform has also listed EOS, TRON, and some other cryptocurrencies in the same pairing.

It is worth noting that the MEXC cryptocurrency exchange operates out of Seychelles. The platform was first introduced in 2018, and it has managed to generate around $1.4 billion in trading volume as per CoinMarkeCap data within 24 hours. Investors can use spot and derivatives trading options as well on the cryptocurrency marketplace.

MEXC exchange also did a rebranding last year that was directed towards its global spread. The platform has offices in countries like Australia, Switzerland, and Canada, and it has funded projects like Fetch. ia, which is a blockchain-backed AI program worth $150 million. The exchange has also listed currencies like Bone ShibaSwap, which is a governance token for an important DEX platform.

MEXC Global is Adding Support for more Cryptocurrencies

MEXC Global has been working on adding support for popular cryptocurrencies like Shiba Inu and Dogecoin. The users on the platform will be able to trade these tokens against Circle’s USDC stablecoin when they are finally listed. Another cryptocurrency platform OKX made way for USDC spot exchange pairs such as AVAX, SHIB, ADA, and a selected few other cryptocurrencies.

Meanwhile, there are platforms like Bitrue that are working on adding support for a host of altcoins that are paired with ADA. During the last 24 hours, ADA has managed to surpass XRP in terms of market cap. The ADA price performance has received positive tailwinds on account of the upcoming update on the network called Vasil hardfork.