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The Forex College has made an assessment of AF Capital Markets for you today and we have concluded in our AF Capital Markets review that it is indeed a recommended broker. You can understand why in this review. You can sign up with AF Capital Markets trading platform in the link below or continue reading to learn all you need to know.

AF Capital Markets Review

AF Capital Markets websiteThe purpose of any broker is to provide you a platform to trade and assist you in carrying out your trading business. If we talk about the trading business, its dynamics have changed. The physical trading business has come to a decline, and now, people prefer online trading platforms. There are several online brokers that offer multiple services in order to assist the customers. AF Capital Markets is also an online broker that came into existence in 2018. And in this AF Capital Markets review, you will go through all the dominant services that this broker provides to assist traders and investors.

Whenever you look for any online broker, it is always a better idea to go through reviews. It is because you want to know what services the broker offers to its users. By reading the reviews, you get to know the credibility of the brokerage firm.

Also, make sure that the online broker provides a secure platform to trade by implementing some of the robust security measures.

In addition, you look for a broker that is always present to guide you at any point in time. It is because traders may get into trouble while making tough decisions related to trading, or you may need the assistance of the broker in any other issue on the platform.

Whether experienced or newbies, traders always look for a wide variety of assets on the trading platform. If they choose a broker that is not offering a massive asset index, eventually, traders’ trading portfolios get limited.

This AF Capital Markets review will mention some of the essential features of this brokerage firm clearly. It will eventually answer all your questions regarding this broker.

Easy To Sign Up With AF Capital Markets

The sign-up process of any brokerage firm can be lengthy. The broker may ask you for information that is not even required. The long process of registration may take much of your time. In this time, you may earn huge profits by investing your money correctly at the right time.

To make things easier, AF Capital Markets has come up with an easy sign-up process. As you go to their website, on the top right, after clicking the ‘register’ option, a short form will appear on your screen.

The form will require information such as your first and last name, email address, password, phone number, city, and state. After that, you have to choose a currency in which you want to trade. The options for currencies are USD and EUR. When you have filled in the information required, all you need to do is agree with the firm’s terms and conditions and privacy policy. After this, you will get registered to AF Capital Markets.

AF Capital Markets trading platform

Wide Variety of Assets

The asset index of any brokerage firm should always be diverse. There are millions of online traders at the moment, and not all of them have the same choices. None of the traders wants to limit their trading portfolios by investing in one asset only. Some traders are interested in the crypto market, whereas some may find the stock market as a better option. Furthermore, several traders go for forex markets, commodities, and indices as well. All of these options help traders to build their profile and also give traders multiple options so they can switch to any other trading asset whenever they want to.

AF Capital Markets offers more than 200 assets to trade. These include commodities, indices, forex and stock market. The firm also offers cryptocurrencies. People usually go for crypto assets because they have greater volatility compared to others in the trading industry. Moreover, they have a higher tendency of giving profits that can boom any trader’s trading business in less time. The AF Capital Markets knows the demands of traders and offers multiple assets to them, so they do not restrict themselves just because their broker has fewer options.

For this reason, AF Capital Markets has given multiple options to the traders so they can select any of the assets according to their budget and requirement. The broker is always there to facilitate them with whatever asset they choose to trade. Investors can always count on this broker with whatever choice they make for their trading business.

Security is Priority

The security of any trading platform can greatly impact any trader’s trading business. It is because if the broker has not implemented strong security measures, then traders do not do their business wth peace of mind. Also, with the increased demands of online brokers, many brokers with no credibility have jumped into the market, and it has made it even more difficult for traders to choose a secure platform for their trading business.

There are multiple types of threats that exist in the online trading world. There are threats to traders’ identity. Moreover, traders also fear their money being used in illegal activities.

To ensure that the platform is secure, AF Capital Markets has implemented two of the internationally recognized policies on their trading platform. These policies are KYC (Know Your Customer) policy and AML (Anti Money Laundering) policy. The KYC policy is there to prevent identity thefts. To apply this policy, the broker may require some identification documentation. The documentation is needed so the broker can keep a check, and know about the customer’s personal information in order to safeguard it from any hackers from getting access to the account. The AML policy ensures that the traders’ money is only used for trading purposes. It prevents traders’ money laundering and illegal funding. All your information and money are secured at AF Capital Markets.

AF Capital Markets security

An Incredible Platform for Trading

The platform of any brokerage firm is of great importance. It is because the platform itself is an interface between the broker and the trader. Traders should make sure before joining a broker that the platform by the broker is up to the mark. The platform’s speed, graphics, and tools available on it really matter to the traders. Most online traders go for a platform that is easy to use and accessible on many different devices. It is because they cannot always restrict themselves in front of a PC or Laptop. They want a platform that they can access on any device of their choice so they can trade anywhere at any time.

AF Capital Markets’s developers have made sure that the platform is friendly to beginners. Along with eye-soothing graphics, they have also added another language option which the traders can switch if they are not comfortable with English. This other language is German, and if you can understand German better than English, then you can continue your business with the language of your choice.

Apart from this, AF Capital Markets’s platform is accessible from multiple devices. These devices include PC, MAC, and mobile phone, etc. This actually makes trading easy for everyone. Your whole business is in a portable device called a smartphone.

Also, the brokerage firm has included a number of modern tools that can assist traders in their business. These tools include trading signals, daily market reviews, daily market news, trading charts, access to some major markets, trading graphs, historical reports, and many more. These tools help you to succeed in your trading business. The firm offers an MT4 platform that has been there in the online trading industry for more than 15 years. The MT4 trading platform is user-friendly and covers all your trading needs.

Multiple Account Options

I have already mentioned that there are millions of traders in the online trading market. Also, I have explained that their requirements are different and also their budget.

The diversity in customers cannot be ignored. With an increased demand for online brokers, there are multiple types of traders who want to invest to gain massive profits.

For this reason, AF Capital Markets offers multiple account options to customers. The broker offers five different account options to the traders. Traders can apply for an account in which they feel comfortable. The selection of any account option is totally up to the traders, and there are no restrictions by the firm on this matter. The five account options are given below.

  • Mini Account

This is a basic account, and the new traders can choose this account to carry on their trading business. It can be opened up by investing $250, and leverage on trading on this account type is 1:50. Mini account holders have access to morning briefs, and also they are provided with a dedicated customer service manager (CSM) who is there to assist the traders in making the best decisions possible and earning good profits.

  • Standard Account

The standard account is for those traders who have basic knowledge of trading. The standard account can be opened up by investing $1000. With this account type, you get 1:75 leverage on trading. You are given a dedicated customer service manager, and you get morning brief trading signals.

  • Edge Account

The Edge account is for those traders who have a little bit of experience with trading. These account holders know the ups and downs of the market, and on their level, trading is a bit difficult. To open the edge account, you need to deposit $5000. The leverage on trading on this account type is 1:100. Furthermore, you get access to trading signals, and also, you get a morning brief. In addition to this, you also have a dedicated Customer Service Manager and free VPS. Not just this, but this broker also offers a Premium Trading Education to the customers of Edge account.

  • Premium Account

The Premium account is for those traders who are experienced enough and have a lot of capital to invest in different markets.

To open this account, you have to invest $40,000 initially to get access to your account and its services. On this account type, the leverage on trading is 1:100. Along with the morning brief and trading signals, Premium account holders also get MT4 indicators. These indicators really help them to make some good decisions. Furthermore, such account holders have access to Premium Trading Education, where they can educate themselves regarding trading. Moreover, they get free VPS as well, because of which, they can boom their trading business.

  • Professional Account

The Professional account is for those traders who can invest large sums of capital in their trading business, so they earn enormous profits on their investments. These traders are professionals themselves and know every bit of trading. To open a Professional account, you need to invest $200,000, and leverage on trading in this account type is 1:150. Professional account holders get the morning brief, access to trading signals, and MT4 indicator. Furthermore, they get free VPS and access to Premium Trading Education. Additionally, they have access to quarterly analyst sessions and exclusive events, and they also get commissions, unlike other account types. Such account holders also get a Premium Customer Service Manager that can assist you in making some excellent decisions so you can earn tons of profits.

Customer Care Service at AF Capital Markets

Customer support is yet a dominant characteristic of any brokerage firm on which customers can rely. It is because there are a number of traders in the market that may face issues on the platform or related to their trading decisions. These issues can be solved if the broker provides customer support on which the traders can always count. To make things uncomplicated, AF Capital Markets has come up with a fantastic customer care service. This broker has a dedicated staff for this purpose. The staff itself consists of expert traders who are experienced enough to guide a beginner and even those traders with tons of experience. The team of AF Capital Markets is on their duty 24/5, and they do not need a gap to assist their customers.

There are multiple ways to get in touch with the firm. As a customer of this broker, you never have to rely on anybody else. The first way is to compose an email to contact the broker. This email should consist of the problems you are facing and can send it to the email address the broker has provided on its ”Contact Us” page.

The second way to get the broker is by calling on the number provided on the broker’s ”contact us” page. The third way to get the solutions to your queries is to fill a form that is provided on the contact page of the broker. This brief form requires details such as your first and last name, email address, and the subject with the message of all the problems you are going through. After that, the broker will contact you to provide assistance on that matter.

Not just these services, but you can also file a complaint. This option is not at all provided at other brokerage firms, and they do not even give a chance to the customers to speak anything against the platform. As a legitimate broker, AF Capital Markets always gives customers a chance to speak up about any issue. To make things even better at the broker, the team of AF Capital Markets is always there to listen to their customers and their issues and upgrade their platform as well according to customer’s demands. On the complaints made by the customers, AF Capital Markets takes strict actions and gets them resolved as soon as possible.


As an online trader, you always look for a broker that can assist you in becoming a successful trader. As a new trader, your requirements are different, and you want the broker to guide you at every step. On the contrary, as an experienced trader, you will always want the aid of a broker in making some of the toughest decisions.

When we talk about AF Capital Markets, then it is a brokerage firm that is there to assist every type of trader. They already have several traders on their platform that are making money with the assistance of this brokerage firm.

To explain more, they have multiple options that can attract any trader who wants to succeed in the trading world. Not only does it provide an easy-to-use platform, but it also provides multiple account options so that the traders who are new to the online trading industry can take part in trading by making a little investment.

Also, this platform has implemented some of the strongest security measures that make it secure from any possible cyber-attacks and security threats. In addition, the broker provides a variety of assets which makes it easy for traders to switch to any other asset to make their trading portfolios. Moreover, its customer support is phenomenal, and you do not need to care if you are facing any issue within the platform.

The above article mentions some of the essential features of this broker, and if you want success in the trading world in less time, then the AF Capital Markets is the best choice for you.