In today’s trading session, the trading price of the JASMY token has surged tremendously. The report shows that the value of the asset has surged by 8% in the latest market trading session.

JASMY is the token launched by Jasmy Corporation, which is a major start-up based in Japan. The report shows that at one point, the trading price of JASMY had surged more than 14%.

In general, JASMY is known for being a highly volatile token but the performance the token has demonstrated today is quite well.

It has reportedly demonstrated stable growth in the latest trading session and its value is growing on a fundamental basis.

AI Hype for JASMY

The reason behind the great surge in the trading price of the JASMY token was mainly due to the roadmap shared by AI.

Just a few days back, the Jasmy Corporation teams shared the project roadmap for the year 2023. They revealed great plans for artificial intelligence (AI) integration.

The company has announced that they have plans to work on the development and launch of an artificial intelligence engine. They are planning to do it in the first quarter of 2023.

AI Cryptocurrencies are gaining a lot of Attention

In recent months, artificial intelligence-based cryptocurrencies have become very trendy. They have reportedly become the center of focus among investors and cryptocurrency users.

As the cryptocurrency industry is growing bigger with every passing day, the popularity of AI tokens has been increasing with it.

AI tokens have become quite trendy because of the applications that are based on artificial intelligence.

In recent months, the most prominent applications launched integrated with artificial intelligence include Midjourney and ChatGPT.

Performance of the AI Tokens

When the year 2023 began, the market valuations of AI tokens were very low. Their overall valuations hardly account for anything in the cryptocurrency industry.

However, as time has passed, the adoption rate for AI tokens has increased tremendously and so have their market valuations.

The market capitalizations of AI-based cryptocurrencies have witnessed exponential surges. From the start of the year until now, the market valuations of these projects have reached new heights.

These assets have become extremely bullish and most of them are now floating in the bullish market.

Data from CoinMarketCap

Even in the past 24-hours, the combined market capitalization of the AI tokens has surged tremendously.

The data from CoinMarketCap shows that the market valuation of AI tokens has increased by 25%. The overall valuation of these tokens has surged to $4.75 billion.

JASMY has also emerged as one of the most prominent and popular AI tokens in recent months. The company behind the development and launch of the tokens is determined to launch new projects.

The company is confident that they will be introducing more and more attractive projects that will continue increasing the token’s demand in the market.

The technology that goes behind the development of the token is artificial intelligence. Therefore, the token has fallen into the AI category.

The company has been coming up with several projects that are attracting many crypto enthusiasts. Most importantly, it is attracting people that are fond of AI technology and want to gain profits from the segment.

Jasmy Corporation wants to expand its business throughout the year 2023 and its focus is the growth of its core businesses.

Other Projects by Jasmy Corporation

Apart from the artificial intelligence projects, Jasmy Corporation is also working on the development and launch of other projects.

They will be working hard to work on the development of a new token, which will act as a fan token. They will work on several data processing projects so the users can take advantage of the data.

They also have community grants in the pipeline that they would introduce in near future.