Finally, Bitcoin becomes successful in moving above $14,000, which follows an exponentially increase in the dominance of the world’s leading cryptocurrency as Bitcoin’s dominance reaches four-month highest position.

In a fresh rally, Bitcoin has topped $15,235 with bulls’ help and has left behind other major cryptocurrencies in performance. In a daily trading session, the top digital asset has witnessed an addition of almost $1,500, which is very bullish.

Over the last few weeks, Bitcoin has made outstanding growth as it witnessed the yearly highest position in the end of October. And it also broke the highest level of 2019 last Saturday and is moving upward to overturn an all-time high position standing at $20,000.

As the final result of the US election is still pending, the effects of the election over cryptocurrency markets are clearly visible. Over the last 24-hours, Bitcoin has jumped by 9.89% and has witnessed a growth of 12.36% over a timeframe of seven days.

Over the last week, the top digital asset has made three jumps above $14,000. It has even reached a new year-to-date high value at $15,235 that is the highest position since January 2018.

Bitcoin’s Dominance at Four Months’ Highest Position

Based on the data of CoinMarketCap, Bitcoin’s dominance is standing at around 65.38% which is the highest value seen in the previous four months.

Following Bitcoin, almost all other major cryptocurrencies are performing outstanding over a timeframe of 24-hours. For instance, Ethereum (ETH), the second-largest coin by market cap, is exchanging hands at $416 after an increase of 8.69% while Ripple (XRP)has surged by 5.22% over the last 24-hours. DeFi tokens are also bullish as major DeFi coin, Chainlink (LINK) has jumped by 12.03% over the day. After a wonderful performance of the cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, the global crypto market is standing at $430.74 billion after an increase of 7.68% over the day.

The numbers of Bitcoin investors have increased as the accumulation of addresses has reached a high of 519,228, claims Glassnode’s data.

Bitcoin experts believe the top digital currency is on the way towards $20,000, an all-time high positive.