A great frenzy has been witnessed in the cryptocurrency industry in the latest trading sessions. The frenzy has been caused by the strong demonstration of power by the largest cryptocurrency, Bitcoin (BTC).

Strong Performance of Bitcoin

The data shows that Bitcoin’s trading price was able to make it past the $25,000 barrier. The recent price movement sent strong waves across the crypto-verse, bringing more investors to its side.

Investors are excited to witness a great push in the trading price of Bitcoin. This is the reason why they want to invest in the asset with all their might to keep the trend alive.

They want to take full advantage of the trend and for this purpose, they are gathering around the asset to invest more money.

Due to the recent rallies and support for digital assets, the top exchanges have become very busy and occupied with strong trading volumes.

The trading volumes are constantly elevating among the cryptocurrency exchanges and they have already recorded huge growth for the asset in the future.

Performance of the MEXC Exchange

MEXC, one of the leading cryptocurrency exchanges has witnessed a great surge in its performance and trading volume.

The exchange has revealed that the business of the future it runs is very supportive of the growth of its exchange. It has skyrocketed in recent trading sessions, bringing more success to the platform.

As per the teams at the MEXC exchange, their trading volume has witnessed a skyrocketing growth level on an average daily basis.

The growth level shared by the teams suggests that the average daily trading volume growth MEXC has been witnessing is 1,200%.

Price Pumps of BTC and MX

The major reason why the MEXC exchange has been performing really well is the mass adoption and price surge of Bitcoin.

The value of Bitcoin has been witnessing significant growth in the past trading sessions, which is a positive sign for the crypto community.

Bitcoin’s trading price has witnessed a 16.61% push in the past 7 days and its value has crossed the $25k barrier. At the time of writing, BTC is standing at a high of $25,247.

The last time Bitcoin hit this level was back in June 2022 when it reached and crossed the $25k barrier.

As the price of BTC has surged, so has the trading price of MEXC Coin (MX), which as the name suggests, is the native token of the MEXC exchange.

For the past two months, the trading volumes for the MEXC exchange have continued surging. This is what has triggered the investors to put their investments into the MEXC Coins.

Due to the constant push, the trading price of MX has been pushed up by 81.82% in the past couple of months. It was on February 16, when MX reached a high of $1.44, the highest point achieved in the past 7-months.

After hitting an all-time high, the trading price of the MX token did edge lower. Still, it is hovering near the all-time high and currently trades at $1.21.

Even the trading volume for the token has settled a bit but not entirely. At the time of writing, the MEXC token’s trading volume is worth $2,954,282.

Recent Achievement for the MEXC Exchange

The MEXC exchange has been gaining a lot of prominence in the cryptocurrency exchange sector lately. The first time it came into prominence was back in September 2022, when it made an announcement about its users.

In September 2022, the officials at the MEXC exchange proudly shared their achievement of crossing the 10 million users benchmark.

In addition to the users, the liquidity that the exchange has for the cryptocurrencies it holds is already at the very top.

It is because of these factors that the trust level of the investors is rising in the exchange. They are not being hesitant when it comes to investing in the MX token, which is driving its price higher.