Bitcoin has never been one steady cryptocurrency blowing all candles green and not having even a single red, this is not how the crypto market works, and it is strictly against how Bitcoin roll. The whole month of April, Bitcoin has come around nothing but crashes, crash after crash, and just when traders and investors were adamant that this month would close on a red candle, Bitcoin rebounded pretty solidly and has managed to spike all the way to $57k which is nothing less of an achievement given the past month. 

The red candle for the month of April is almost faded completely, but Bitcoin still needs to be trading at $58.6k for that to happen; who knows, Bitcoin might be able to pull it off before the official end of the month and the trading for Bitcoin for that matter. This is a highly unlikely scenario, but it might happen, and the whole red candle for the month of April might turn green which is not only fine but will be heavily welcomed among crypto enthusiasts and Bitcoin traders around the globe and at the end, it will propose a new and improved bull run for Bitcoin to continue. 

Bitcoin might Manage to Get the Whole of April’s Red Candle Down

Moskovski’s CIO, Lex Moskovski, has commented that the current trend of the crypto market sparks a sense of optimism within traders while affirming the fact that maybe the worst is over for Bitcoin and bullish run might return and choose to stick with it for some time. The current Bitcoin price surge is driven by spot, according to him, as the funding even dropped a bit, and all this scenario only point towards one thing that it is possible for the upward momentum to continue for a bit longer and Bitcoin to take over its lost position in the crypto market. But that is dependent on the trader’s interest and for the crypto market to be less volatile and not to propose any new challenges that are too much to take on, but that too is highly unlikely, so one can only hope for the best.