The news of collaborations between crypto firms and traditional companies is becoming more convenient and consistent these past couple of months. BitPay, the best bitcoin payment service provider, has come forth in a similar integration with Apple Pay, allowing their crypto cardholders to spend their cryptocurrency through the Apple payment service.

It means that whatever their crypto balance is, they can use it to buy worldly items through Apple pay; this has not made the lives of such consumers easier but has come forth as a revolution in both the crypto and digital payment world.

BitPay Integration with Apple Pay

This integration took place on 12th February when BitPay representatives announced support for Apple Pay, which has a consumer base of 380 million users. The BitPay cardholders will be able to use their cryptocurrencies for the sake of purchasing goods, sending/receiving digital payments, making transactions, and paying for online services through Apple Pay.

The process would be gravely simple, where you would have to add your Apple Pay account information on the BitPay platform, and you will become eligible to use this service. This comes out as great news for people who are always searching for linking their cryptocurrency with the digital world and making purchases, transactions, and such things. The USA-based BitPay cardholders will be able to add their prepaid MasterCard to their Apple Pay wallets allowing them to do the shopping and use their crypto money on things they always wanted to get ahold of.

This integration has come off as a linking bridge making the initial effort to connect both the traditional and crypto world and make the process as smooth, efficient, and secure as possible.

Support for Other Digital Payment Vendors is Coming

During their official launch statement, the representatives from the BitPay also added that they are bringing this kind of support to both Google and Samsung pay. This will ensure that the consumer base on these payment solutions is also covered and avail the benefits of integrating their cryptocurrency BitPay account with these dedicated payment solutions as well.

Such integrations, if pursued in the future, will lead to more charismatic and feasible payment solutions that have the convenience of the digital world and the crypto world’s security. This is a great first step taken towards making the payment systems around the world more accessible, secure, and convenient than ever.