BrightFinance Review

Investing and trading in several financial assets available in the blockchain industry has become a viable investment alternative for most traders. The financial market has provided an avenue for most people to generate revenue in an environment that offers diversity and profitability.

To effectively carry out trading activities in the blockchain industry, there is a need to have a reliable broker that can provide a secure trading platform and other unique trading features that can optimize your trade.

One such broker is BrightFinance. BrightFinance is a trading platform that claims to offer several high-end features that are capable of generating revenue and reducing ROI time. But like every other trading platform, most customers would like to know if they can genuinely trust BrightFinance with their resources and time for trading purposes. We shall take a critical look at the BrightFinance trading platform and find out what it is about, its features, and how legit the broker is.

What is BrightFinance?

BrightFinance is an exchange company that provides a trading platform for traders and investors in the financial market. The broker has received several positive reviews from traders who have utilized the platform to carry out trading activities. Some of these traders have experienced satisfaction in being provided with all the necessary tools they need to trade successfully in different financial assets.

The broker boasts of having a variety of top-notch features that makes it stand out from others. The exchange was created to reduce and eliminate trading inconvenience by ensuring that its services are outstanding and highly productive. BrightFinance is said to be at the forefront of creating diversity in the trading environment by making it possible for traders to choose a variety of choices when selecting a preferred trading asset.

The exchange also claims to have designed the trading platform with high tech security features to protect the funds and sensitive data of their customers. It utilizes modern encryption tools to safeguard all transactions carried out on the trading platform. Despite all of these, can we say that BrightFinance is a reliable platform to help you achieve success in your trade? We shall find out as we proceed with this review.

Features of the BrightFinance trading platform

The following are features of the BrightFinance trading platform:


The primary focus of every trader is finding a reliable trading platform to provide a conducive trading environment that supports different tradable assets in the financial market. Every trader also looks out for a broker they can trust to guide them through the trading process while ensuring that their funds are safe and secure.

Does BrightFinance fit that description? To most traders, they would answer in the affirmative that the broker is highly reliable to provide the necessary assistance and an intuitive trading environment to allow traders to have seamless trading experience.

 As proof of its reliability, the exchange currently offers it’s services to traders from over 60 countries who may be able to conveniently access the platform and carry out their trading activities with ease. It may be difficult for a small broker who offers subpar services to grow to that extent within a short time. What this means is that the services provided by BrightFinance may be highly efficient, hence the reason for its rapid growth. The company may have grown to the extent that traders may use its services from every part of the globe.

It offers a secure trading environment

In the hierarchy of features that a trader looks out for before choosing a broker, security remains top of the list. No one would like to invest their funds in a business, make it grow, and end up losing everything to scammers. The cyberspace is plagued with a lot of fraudulent individuals posing as people who are legit all in the guise of defrauding traders from their hard-earned income. The issue of cyber insecurity has led many traders in the financial market to be wary about trusting some online trading platforms.

The first step carried out by the broker to curb insecurity is to ensure that potential scammers are prevented from signing into the platform. To achieve this, the company uses it’s KYC and AML policies in the verification and approval of accounts. You are to provide relevant documents that prove your ownership of the details provided in your account before it can be approved.

You may also be required to submit a copy of your country’s citizens’ identification card for verification. The names in your payment details must tally with the one you are filing as a proof that the payment information is genuinely yours. The broker does not support third-party payment, so you can only make payments to your account. The Anti-money laundering policies are geared towards curbing, eliminating the incidence of identity theft, which is used by scammers in the cyber world.

Advanced encryption tools are also utilized to secure all data entering and leaving the system. Even if a hacker were to hack into the system, all information stolen might be useless as the data is already encrypted with a strong data security feature.

A practical trading solution

It is very critical for a trading platform to be able to meet the requirements of traders in the financial market. Digital assets trading has advanced over the years as many trading platforms are employing a digitized, intuitive, engaging, and straightforward platform where trading activities can be efficiently carried out.

Most traders want a trading platform that they can use across different devices. Trading has also evolved to the stage where automated trading bots are designed to carry out trading on behalf of traders. There are however, traders who would love to be informed when there is a likely positive trading window so they can place their trade.

You may also prefer a mobile trading platform that allows you to carry out your trade even while you are on the move. BrightFinance may offer you all these features so that you may have no limitations in setting you up on the right path to becoming a successful trader in the financial market. Traders may be able to make use of different external platforms linked to BrightFinance to offer you around the clock efficient trading opportunity. 

With the web trader platform, you may be able to access BrightFinance’s outstanding features from any internet-enabled devices. Irrespective of your location, as long as you have a stable internet connection, you may be able to access the platform and trade on your most preferred financial asset. The mobile trader platform is also available to you if you are someone that loves to trade even while in transit. It comes with the same features that are available on the desktop application.

With the mobile platform, you may be able to download the software from your device’s app store and enjoy a pleasant trading experience. Each trading platform may offer you all the necessary tools needed to trade in the financial market successfully. From technical market analysis, market reports, account summary, graphs, market charts, future market projection, etc. The mobile trader application may be downloaded and installed on any iOS or Android-enabled smartphones.

Four Different Trading Accounts

BrightFinance has provided four different trading accounts that are designed to meet the preference of different classes of traders. The broker recognizes the difference in the experience level of each trader and the disparity in the financial strength of traders in the financial market; hence the provision of five different trading accounts includes the following:

Explorer Account

The Explorer account offers professional charts as well as customer support to traders. Traders may require a minimum of $250 and not more than $2500 to open this account type.

Basic Account

The Basic account type is the second tier of account available for traders on the BrightFinance trading platform. You may have a personal market analyst who may assist you in making critical trading decisions. The minimum and maximum deposit amount for this account are $2500 and $9,999.

Silver Account

The silver account may be opened with at least $10,000 and, at most, $24,999. Traders can access weekly reviews in the market and other financial research reports, which may help you in your decision-making process.

 Gold Account

The minimum amount required as a deposit on a gold account is $24,999, while the highest amount is $99,999. Owners of a gold account may have access to all features available on the other accounts and a money management plan.

Platinum Account

The platinum account is the highest account that you can open on the BrightFinance trading platform. The minimum and maximum limit that you can deposit on the platform is $100,000 and $499,999. Platinum account owners have access to senior analyst services, projected trades, and other exceptional tools that come with using this account.

Convenience of Trading

To every trader, the convenience with which they can carry out their trading activities cannot be overemphasized. No one wants a complicated and frustrating trading session either because the platform is too complex to be understood by inexperienced users or its features fall short of what is expected from a standard trading platform. 

The trading platform allows you to use the leverage feature to boost your earnings before deciding to use the leverage option in carrying out your trade. If you have mastered the art of trading, you may opt for more substantial leverage of about 1:200 when trading on the platform.

Charges and commissions

A broker performs several outstanding functions for you so that you can generate revenue for yourself. However, a broker may charge you for fees based on commission. The commission charged by a broker is rated by a specific percentage on your transactions. Some brokers charge very high commission while others do not have any particular commission rating.

Yet other brokers charge you based on the total trade volume you are transacting. For example, you may have to pay a 2% commission on a trade involving $1000. That also means that if your trade volume is worth $100,000, you may have to spend as much as$2,000.

However, when you are trading via the BrightFinance trading platform, the only thing you may have to worry about in terms of charges is spreads. The broker may even provide you with a fixed spread when you open a basic account. You may open an advanced account if you would love to have floating spreads.

Convenience of Banking

BrightFinance creates an accessible platform for traders to generate money. The ease at which you can carry out your trade may determine how well you can earn. Having a straightforward and fast withdrawal process may be instrumental in placing trades at the appropriate time. It may be very frustrating to identify a trade opportunity that has a short window period only to find out that the time for the broker to process your deposit is taking far longer than expected. With BrightFinance, your funds may be reflected using different payment options at a fast rate. You may use credit or debit card options such as Visa, Visa Electron, Maestro, MasterCard, etc. to deposit funds into your BrightFinance trading account. Since the BrightFinance Trading platform boasts of users worldwide, a convenient deposit and withdrawal process needs to be integrated into the [platform.

Traders may also use the bank wire transfer as a means of depositing funds into their account. You may not be able to send cash directly to the company because it is against the AML laws strictly enforced by the broker. One outstanding feature that the broker has incorporated is the ability to make deposits using crypto coins.

You may be able to deposit Bitcoin into your BrightFinance account by making use of your crypto wallet. You may not have to use other exchange before your crypto coins can be deposited in your account because, with your crypto wallet, you may be able to send Bitcoins directly into your account and begin your trading. You may not find this option on some other trading platforms. Making withdrawals from the broker is also as easy as making deposits.

You can make use of similar payment methods to make your withdrawals. However, you may only be able to withdraw funds into the same account used in the registration and account creation process as funds may not be transferred to a third-party account. Your Bitcoins can also be withdrawn into your crypto wallet, making the entire withdrawal and deposit process convenient for both new and experienced traders.

Cannabis and Cryptocurrencies Stocks

If what you seek is an avenue to diversify your trade by investing in high yielding assets, the BrightFinance Trading platform may be what you seek. The broker prides itself on providing outstanding asset indices. With BrightFinance, you can trade on cryptocurrencies, which is one of the most promising financial assets in the blockchain industry. Many traders have successfully traded on cryptocurrencies through the use of trading platforms like BrightFinance.

One frustrating thing that is common with some brokers is the restriction of cryptocurrency trading to only Bitcoin. Understandably, Bitcoin offers several opportunities for traders to have a positive trading session. However, there are other cryptocurrencies aside Bitcoins that are also promising when it comes to the trading value and potential to generate income. It does not tell well for a trading platform to limit traders to the only Bitcoin when there are other available options such as Ethereum and Litexoin. Bright Finance offers traders the choice to trade on the two other cryptocurrencies mentioned above in addition to Bitcoins.

You may be able to trade these three cryptocurrencies against the United States Dollar. This means you are trading cryptocurrencies against a currency that is regarded as one of the world’s most stable currencies. Cryptocurrencies are volatile, and their value keeps fluctuating; thus, it may not be wise to trade an unstable asset against an unstable currency. Cannabis is another highly valued asset that you can trade on the BrightFinance trading platform.

If you are looking for an opportunity to trade on cannabis stocks, BrightFinance offers you a chance to trade on some of the most highly valued cannabis stocks available in the financial market. Some of the best cannabis stocks that you may trade on the platform include Cara Therapeutics, Canopy Growth Corp, GW Pharmaceuticals, and Corbus Pharmaceuticals Holdings.

Once you have opened a BrightFinance trading account, you may begin trading in any of these cannabis stocks. Since Cannabis trading is a highly productive asset, it ought to be traded on most trading platforms, but unfortunately, such is not the case.


The BrightFinance trading platform offers traders a plethora of successful trading opportunities through its exceptional features and highly effective trading tools. The broker may be trusted because several traders have expressed satisfaction about using the exchange to carry out trading activities in the financial market. The company also boasts excellent customer support services and a tutorial guide to help traders optimize revenue from their trade.