So, there are hundreds of things that traders consider before they finally pick a broker to trade with. However, the problem with many online brokers is that they are not able to win the trust of their traders. In some cases, I have seen traders trade for many years with a broker without trusting it at all. After some research, I was able to pinpoint that it was not the fault of the trader. It was the fault of the brokers that were not paying attention to the features that win the trust of their traders. With that in mind, I was already hunting for a broker that met those requirements.

After some research, I was able to find SkyFinCapital. This broker changed my perception about online brokers completely. It did things the way I had wanted them to happen. In other words, as a trader, you will see that this broker provides you with everything that can help you as a trader. There are lots of things that this broker does right to win your trust right from the day you sign up with it and start trading. I am not going to take much of your time only hinting to the great things that this broker does. I will tell you each and everything in detail in this SkyFinCapital review.

Broker SkyFinCapital
Assets Crypto, Forex
Minimum Deposit $100
Account Types Mini, Silver, Gold, Brilliant, VIP Personal
Training Individual Training, Webinar, One-on-one Training, Individual Training
Customer Support 24/5
Trading Platform Android, iOS, Web
Maximum Leverage 1:400
Managed Portfolio Yes
Bonus Up to 100% of the Deposited Amount
Services Borrow, Lend, Invest Cloud Mining
Owned By Evor Limited

Why Trust SkyFinCapital as a Broker

It Protects Your Information

Firstly, there is nothing more important than the information you provide to online brokers on their websites. Do you know that online brokers can protect your information from the snoopers on the internet? There are some brokers that really pay attention to this challenge while others completely ignore it. Here is a piece of advice that I would like to give you here; when it comes to choosing a broker, don’t even think about signing up with a broker that does not protect your information. This is the biggest red flag that you would only regret ignoring.

When I signed up with this broker, I already knew things that had pacified the doubts in my mind. The first thing that made me trust this broker is the information protection on its website. My banking and personal information is safe with this broker because SkyFinCapital protects it through encryption. Every piece of data that you disseminate on the website gets encrypted so you don’t have to worry about it being naked on the internet lines.

Safe Methods of Deposits

Another huge concern that you face when you are signing up with an online broker is the way you can or cannot deposit your funds. It is your broker that has to make sure that you can deposit money in your account with ease. It has to provide you with some safe and popular options that you are familiar with. Think about sending money to someone using a method that you have never heard about. That would be scary, wouldn’t it? So, when you sign up with a broker, make sure you know how you will be sending your money to it. If there is any unknown method of doing that, you should stay away from signing up with the broker.

With this broker, you are going to love the fact that SkyFinCapital has provided you with all the safe options of funding your account. You can fund your account in a speedy manner or using way that is safe but slow. When you go with the credit card option, you deposit money in your account fast. On the other hand, if you choose the slow bank wire transfer method, you are picking of the safest methods out there of funding your account. You have these methods available to fund your account when you sign up with SkyFinCapital.

No Fees and Charges on Deposits and Withdrawals

I have been through it and I can tell you that it does not feel nice when your broker asks for money on every step of your trading experience. How does that happen? Well, think about depositing your money in your own online trading account. So, since you are depositing funds in your account, it should be a straightforward method right? That’s not the case with many online brokers who charge you all the different types of commissions and fees and charges when you deposit funds in your account. The case is no different when you withdraw funds from your account.

With this broker, you will understand the meaning of easy deposits. The broker does not charge you any commissions when you fund your account. You can put as much money in your account as you want without ever having to pay anything to the broker for it. The same goes for your withdrawals. With many online brokers, you have to pay a fee when you withdraw money from your account. That’s not going to happen when you are a trader with SkyFinCapital. In fact, I can tell you that you will get some huge bonuses on your deposits when you go with this broker for the first time.

You should inquire about the bonus when you are signing up with the broker. That’s because the bonus requirements might have changed by the time you sign up with the broker. However, I can tell you with surety that the broker has been offering up to 100% of the bonus on the initial deposits from its traders. Now, that’s something that I think makes this broker the best among all.

Customer Support That Matters

If the customer support from the broker you are thinking about signing up with is not great, I say you don’t sign up with the broker at all. That’s something that might sound harsh to you at first, but I can tell you that this is the best thing you can do. Customer support is the face of the company. However, if this face is ugly and you get to see it after you have already funded your account, you won’t be able to do anything about it. You want to make sure that the broker will be there to help you with your issues when you need it. You can run into issues pertaining to the trading platform you are using or the account you have with the broker.

Is the broker there when you need it? Yes, in this particular case, you have the broker providing you with 24/5 customer support. What it means is that the broker is available to help you 24 hours a day on the working days. You also have many choices to get in touch with the customer support of the broker. If you prefer sending an email, you can send an email to the broker. You also have the contact us form on the website that you can use for sending in your queries. The best option is of the phone that you can use to talk to a human. I can tell you that there is not just one, but many phone numbers on the website that you can use to get in touch with the broker and have your issues resolved.

Start with $100 Only

One of the best ways for online brokers to win the trust of their traders is by providing them with easy deposits. Some brokers don’t seem to like this point at all. They demand a lot of money from you right from the start. You might think about signing up with a basic account, but when you look at the initial deposit requirements, it will feel as though you are signing up with a VIP account. However, I am sure you are going to love the initial deposit requirements from this broker. This way, the broker is winning your trust in its services.

So, when you have decided that you want to go with the services of this broker, you choose an account and sign up. If you go with the basic account, the initial deposit can be as small as just $100. Yes, that small amount will be more than enough for you to trade with this broker. Why is the broker letting you enter the online trading world with such a small amount? Well, the broker knows that many traders are trading for the first time. In fact, they are not trading, they are just testing waters of the temperature of the online trading world to know if they can survive it.

The broker is only providing them with a reason to be in this market and trade. When they can test the online trading world with a small amount of just $100, they will surely feel like signing up with the broker and starting their trading career.

A Trading Platform That’s with You Everywhere

Can the trading platform from the broker really help the broker win your trust? Here I am to tell you that yes, the trading platform from the broker is there to help you trust it. How can I say that? Well, because I have seen some online brokers offering you a trading platform that looks like nothing. In fact, you never know if you are signing up with a legitimate broker because the broker is making such huge claims about the trading platform. With this broker, there are no huge claims despite the fact that the trading platform SkyFinCapital is one of the best out there, in my personal opinion.

The trading platform that you will be trading on is based in the web. This means opening the web trader or web-based trading platform is no different than opening a website on your computer. Do you really have to worry which operating system you have if you are only opening a website? Of course, not! That’s the same kind of worry-free attitude you can have when you open a web based trading platform, like the one you are getting from this broker. This trading platform is available to you in the web, which means you can use it from where you live right now or when you are on the other side of the world.

This trading platform will run on your personal computers, smartphones, and even your tablets. The trading platform from SkyFinCapital is very straightforward and intuitive. However, don’t be under the impression that it is just some basic trading platform. This trading platform is one of the most advanced you can get these days.

Proper Education and Training

The training that you will receive from this broker is really going to matter a lot in your trading experience. The broker has provided you with everything that really impacts the performance of a new trader in the online trading world. When you look at the educational center of the broker, you instantly realize that you can learn through videos as well as ebooks. But that’s not what I am talking about. I am going to talk about something that really impressed, and that’s the webinar feature. You will be surprised to know that the broker has a webinar running every single day.

You can be a part of this webinar to learn from the pros. You can ask them questions and make trading easy for you. To improve your performance even more, you can go with the in-person training sessions, in which you learn alone and have the ability to ask any questions you want from your trainer.

Final Thoughts

So, I think I have made it pretty clear why I trust this broker. I have talked about the features that really matter in winning the trust of traders from all around the world for an online broker. I think that SkyFinCapital is taking care of things in a very professional manner. It is following all the industry’s best protocols to ensure your information and money are safe. At the same time, the broker is offering you bonuses and letting you sign up with some really easy initial deposit requirements. If you think this broker is for you, I recommend checking out the website, collecting more information, and signing up when you are convinced.