It is an open secret that the inflation rate of US markets, both commercial and financial, rose all the way to 8.5%, and it was termed the peak inflation period in the history of the country. But the recent survey has deemed that the inflation rate has been coming down slowly, and that is a piece of good news both for the economic growth of the US and for the crypto market as well.

It was assumed that the inflation rate would only go up from now on, and an estimation of about 8.7% was made, which meant that inflation could go as up as this practical value, but luckily it didn’t come to that.

The reversal has been the only thing that was under discussion among crypto enthusiasts as well as crypto analysts as market corrections got a little out of hand and the bear market jittered away at the fact that inflation rates for the US have skyrocketed at a 40-year high. It was believed that it was going to be a long bear market, and there were no indications of a bullish market appearing on the horizon.

But all of that has been reversed; financial markets take some time when it comes to a reversal, but they eventually do come around is the lesson many learned the hard way. Investors did lose tons of their money; US government was all but ready to make plans assuming the inflation was only going to get worse than the present in the future.

But all of that has been avoided for good. The crypto market has seen a huge price movement as investors are once again pouring their money into the likes of Bitcoin and Ether and both coins see a huge price reversal.

Bitcoin Sees Huge Price Momentum

As a matter of fact, the US inflation rate is going down the crypto market is also picking up momentum. Bitcoin was having the toughest time staying above the $23K price limit, and given the decrease in the inflation rate, it is now trading at well above $24K, which is incredible news for the crypto market. Ether is well above $1800, and other altcoins are also feeling the tremors of this incredible price momentum.