Numerous high-profile cryptocurrency enthusiasts are leading the world on its financial transformation from fiat currencies to crypto coins. At the current World Economic Forum, an increasing number of leaders and influencers are participating in making their case in support of the cryptocurrency market development and growth.

It is worth noting that the current bear market period dominating the cryptocurrency market has been unable to deter these crypto maximalists from their chosen paths. To make their points a host of tech, finance, and investment consultants and entrepreneurs are lining up to appear on the stage of the 2022 World Economic Forum held in Davos. The forum is attracting attention from the international political and business stratosphere.

Impact of Cryptocurrencies on the Financial Infrastructure

According to the latest news article published by Reuters, cryptocurrency executives are making an effort to secure some hosting time at the World Economic Forum. The main focus of these cryptocurrency business front runners is to sway more people into investing in cryptocurrencies.

To make the proposition of cryptocurrency investment more real for the investor, businesses are going with a more baseline approach, like setting up a pizza stall that takes Bitcoin payments.

In addition to the Bitcoin pizza stall, the investors can also take advantage of the Liquidity Lounge at the same forum, offering treats to the participants. Blockchain innovations and development companies such as Securrency made an appearance at the event. CEO Dan Doney claimed that his company is aiming to build a connection with new users and show them how the addition of blockchain networks can improve the quality of their financial experiences.

CSO at Hub Culture, Stan Stalnaker, claimed that the stores set up by the Securrency attracted the attention of a considerable amount of the World Economic Forum. He also claimed that the side stores maintained a 50% engagement from the participants. Anthony Scaramucci, the founder of SkyBridge Capital, also talked about the environmental goals related to Bitcoin’s wider adoption.

Considering the interest and demand, WEF is planning to arrange a 3rd annual blockchain event in Davos. This blockchain event is going to ensure that the cryptocurrency organization executives and government officials join the panel and make the event more successful by reflecting on crucial issues like government engagement and the future of decentralized space.