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The Forex College has made an assessment of InvestingState for you today and we have concluded in our InvestingState review that it is indeed a recommended broker. You can understand why in this review. You can sign up with InvestingState trading platform in the link below or continue reading to learn all you need to know.

InvestingState Review

InvestingState websiteTo have your trading needs met, sell your commodities in a safe place, exchange your cryptocurrency, and trade foreign exchanges, InvestingState will serve as a perfect broker for you. Over the years, InvestingState has taken pride in satisfying people who wish to trade in the financial marketplace. If you are looking for a reliable broker to cover your trading needs or you would like a trading platform where you can make all your exchanges, then InvestingState is a good choice. Their service delivery is quite professional. To verify all of these claims, read on InvestingState review.

InvestingState is a reputable broker that meets a variety of client’s trading needs. The only thing you will feel after trying out InvestingState is satisfaction. You will then understand why InvestingState is highly recommended and why you should have an InvestingState account.

What is InvestingState?

We can safely say that InvestingState is among the top best trading platforms. It comes with a creative and easy-to-navigate user interface, accounts to meet trading needs of all experience levels, and highly innovative technology.

When a platform has an easy-to-navigate interface, it is the first green light. It lets you know that the company founders or owners had the clients in mind during its creation. That is one way to differentiate between a broker founded for just profit and a broker aiming to give value and positively affect the lives of traders. In the trading world, the level of peace a trader experiences is almost a direct representation of how effective the broker being used is. The crypto world is already delicate, and a good broker would never try to complicate trading for a trader, not in the least possible way. And a good interface is the first bridge that ensures easy navigation through the market.

InvestingState trading platform

InvestingState is Unique

From all research and trials of the InvestingState platform, we have discovered that there is something quite distinct about the platform. The founders always say that the InvestingState platform is the first of its kind – a trading platform to be built with AI technology. After trying the platform out, all indications seem to prove this.

InvestingState’s highly innovative and excellent technology helps the platform maintain its high ethics. User satisfaction is never compromised. Trades are executed in a timely fashion. Losses due to system lag and broker time mismanagement do not exist. Technically, all you have to endure with most brokers is absent here. Rather, they are constantly looking for ways to improve the smoothness of your trading experience.

The presence of three investment packages satisfies traders and investors of all categories. The division of accounts is done by counting their numbers of features and minimum investment limits. New traders can go for the basic account, while professional traders can join the platinum investment package. But before you choose any type of account, assess your budget and trading experience level.

It has also distanced itself from other trading sites in terms of free education offerings. Educational material helps traders sharpen their trading skills and expand their vision in the trading industry. Informed and updated knowledge about the trading market encourages traders to make the right decisions at the right time.

InvestingState has hired the services of consultants and account managers. Account managers assist users in managing their accounts, creating flexible portfolios, making wise decisions, and gaining comprehensive knowledge about trading different trading products.

InvestingState’s Education

The cliche “knowledge is power” does not completely apply in the financial world. Rather informed knowledge is power. Updated knowledge is the bomb every trader needs to crush high commissions in the market. InvestingState will be providing all that.

Do you pay huge amounts for courses to update your knowledge base? Or do you spend so much time and data reading blogs and watching videos on crypto? It’s amazing to want to update your knowledge but what is sad is the folks you may be relying on for new information may just be like you. Now you get it. What then is the point?

Well, on InvestingState, you can save that time and dedicate it to more productive activities. InvestingState will literally spoon-feed you the latest techniques, strategies, needs, and findings of the market. When a commodity rises in price or falls, count on InvestingState to be the first to inform you.

In the education menu, you will encounter the most basic concepts and terms related to trading. These terms or definitions are arranged alphabetically so that it becomes easier for users to find needed knowledge.

Efficient Trading Tools

You know a broker has your best interest in mind when they make arrangements for helpful tools before your arrival. Every broker has tools on its platform. Most brokers use these tools as bait to have traders come try them out. However, very few brokers can confidently claim that their tools are helpful, talk more about being efficient or effective.

On InvestingState, you will not see just regular charts and graphs but highly improved indicators that actually give correct trading signals. How do I know this? I know this because several other people and I have tried InvestingState. InvestingState has been tested, and I can vehemently say they can be trusted.

As a beginner in the trading world, you will still be lacking a lot in experience. InvestingState is your call to trading success. They will cover up for your lack of experience perfectly. The indicators on the platform are very efficient to follow when trading. With time, you may then learn to have your feet well-rooted in the markets. According to InvestingState’s website, more than 100 technical analysis tools assist traders in understating the trading market trends.

InvestingState trading tools

Hassle-free Account Creation Process

Some brokers wear the badge of wanting to maintain security and, in turn, make the account creation process unnecessarily complicated. They make traders submit irrelevant documents just to have their accounts created.

InvestingState while maintaining security simplifies the account creation process for traders. To create an InvestingState account, head on to their website by typing the website URL on your internet browser. Go to the create account menu and create your account. You will be required to provide your full names. Use your legally recognized name, not some pen name. Then, input a password of your choice. A strong password should be a combination of letters, numbers, and special characters. Afterward, you will need to provide a verifiable email address. The first account verification process is verifying your email, making sure the email being provided is accessible.

After that, you will be instructed to provide a government-issued identity card in order to confirm the details you have provided. The confirmation process lasts a few minutes.

Once your account has been confirmed, you can start trading after making a commitment deposit. Another great feature of InvestingState is the considerate minimum deposit amount. Some brokers tend to be extortive in a subtle way. The minimum deposits they require can be unreasonably high. They barely consider the experience level of the traders joining the platform. Traders can deposit as much as they want, depending upon their experience level and trading budget.

Also, if you ever need any help while trading, InvestingState’s experts are one call away. InvestingState has provided a team of experts and advisers available for consulting when you wish. So literally, they try to make the trading process easy in every way possible.

The next step after the creation of an account is the deposit process, where you will submit funds. After going through the deposit process, you will be ready to start trading instruments.

InvestingState’s Trading Platforms

A trading platform is a software employed by brokers for smooth trading. In this tech era, new trading platforms have emerged which make use of advanced technology. InvestingState is offering two trading platforms: Web Trader and MT4. Both trading platforms are very famous in the trading communities as they offer unlimited top-notch features.

Web Trader is a browser-centric trading platform as there is no need to download it. You can use it via any type of device. Availability of advanced charts and the one-click trading option of Web Trader make trading smooth and efficient.

MT4, on the other hand, does not work via browser. You have to install its application which can be downloaded on both Android and iOS devices. The major features that come with MT4 include the facility of technical analysis, real-time prices, and trading history.

Users’ Safety

A good broker must ensure that the platform is safe for its clients by making sure that the personal details of the clients, who use the platform, are never compromised in any situation.

All platforms that perform electronic transactions must have a well-secured website which is a major reason why all websites now try to have a functional SSL for their website. Good brokers go beyond just securing an SSL for their platform.

Over the years, people have invested so much time and effort in learning less suspicious ways of scamming people. This is why reliable brokers cannot joke with security. Globally, anti-money laundering and know your customers’ conditions have helped a lot of businesses in keeping fraudsters off their site. This is why most brokers implement these policies on their platforms.

As a result, when creating an account on InvestingState, you will be required to scan the front and back pages of your verification document. This will help InvestingState verify every detail that is given and store them for record purposes.

Customer Care Service

There is the tendency to encounter a little trouble on even a perfect platform. Or perhaps you may want to get clarification on a certain policy, term, or condition with which a broker operates. This is where the customer service option comes in.

The customer service desk is the area saddled with the responsibility of putting you through the platform, answering your questions, and helping you gain clarity from confusion. Due to this, the customer service agents must be receptive and accommodating of customer needs.

There are brokers that fail to put the right people in the customer service department. We have heard of encounters where a problem is reported to the customer service department, and the agents become very rude and impatient with the customer. No apologies are given beyond that, no rectification to the problem reported, and no clarification or explanation whatsoever. Such careless behavior displayed by those kinds of brokers, in the long run, affects customer’s trading success.

With brokers like InvestingState, experiences like that would never occur. InvestingState is a very professional company, and its staff is courteous, receptive, and always ready to help. Whenever you have an issue with their site, and it is reported to the customer care unit, they go out of their way to ensure the problem is rectified in the shortest time possible. You can also contact them whenever you need an explanation on something; their responses are always prompt and to the point.

InvestingState’s FAQ Section

One way to assess the customer service unit of a brokerage company is to check the FAQ unit. For some companies, questions are posted by traders having issues, and it takes months, sometimes, years before the questions are responded to.

On InvestingState, the frequently asked questions section is rich. There, you will find lots of questions with answers provided at most within the week the question is asked. If you don’t want to bother contacting the customer service department, you can search through this section. There is a search bar to help you find questions similar to yours that have been answered before.

The section is also organized into units based on the relatedness of the questions asked. This will allow you to see questions within your category with answers. The answers may be a useful guide to whatever issue you may be facing. However, it should be noted that the FAQ section is in no way a substitute for customer care. If you want a human attendant and a prompt response, contacting the customer care department is the best option for you.

Competitive Commission Rates

Perhaps, this may be the first time you may be hearing this, but the commission traders get on successful trades varies from broker to broker. Some brokers have high trading fees that are cut excessively from the profit traders make from the market.

InvestingState has very minimal fees on trading and transactions. Their fees are so friendly and very low compared with the other popular brokers available. This is why traders enjoy trading with InvestingState because it allows you to have the lion’s share from your trades.

If you would like to join the bandwagon of traders enjoying amazing commissions from their successful trades, InvestingState is the platform you should be going with.

Trading Accounts

InvestingState has provided an option of joining three different account types, which vary in their features. These account types are also different from one another due to their difference in their minimum deposit limits. The investment packages of the broker include silver, gold, and platinum.

Silver account is basic, and it offers facilities that are basic in nature. The gold account is better than the basic account in terms of features as it provides more facilities. The company has announced to offer a 25% swap discount to those who hold the gold investment package. The most premium account on the trading platform is the platinum account. It is the best option for professional investors who trade in high amounts. With the platinum account, traders will be able to claim a 50% swap discount.

Deposits and Withdrawals

You are eligible to deposit the amount after completing the registration process and choosing an investment package. The deposit process on the platform of InvestingState is easy and smooth and does not create problems for users. The commission rates on deposits are very competitive as you will find the lowest fees on this trading platform. Moreover, you can deposit funds as much as you can as the company does not add limitations at all.

Withdrawals are also processed in a short span of time, thus saving precious time of traders and investors. On the other hand, some established companies normally take a long time to approve withdrawal requests.

InvestingState has provided a variety of payment channels for traders to carry out transactions. Deposits and withdrawals can be made on the platform via bank transfers, credit and debit cards, and other payment channels like Neteller, Skrill, Perfect Money, and so on.


The truth is, there is no platform that provides comfort for traders like InvestingState. All you ever need is provided. Provisions have been made to cover any issue you could probably encounter. Consider the platform as a friend cheering for your success in your trading journey. To join the train, navigate to the website via your internet browser. Follow the procedure for account creation, make a deposit and start enjoying a smooth trading experience.