Solid Marketz Review do you think of when you imagine an ideal online broker? I am pretty sure that different traders will answer this question differently. Some will base their answers on how easy they want trading to be and others will base it on their experience with some other company in the past. I have been a trader with Solid Marketz for some years now, and I have never shied away from recommending this firm to any of my friends and colleagues. Why? I believe that there are certain things that every online trading services provider should have in it. And those things are clearly present in Solid Marketz. Don’t take my word for it. Look at these features and decide yourself about this brokerage.

Solid Marketz – What Makes It an Ideal Broker

A Trading Platform in All Formats

Your journey of trading with any online company starts with the trading platform. It is the software that you use for trading no matter what type of trading you pick. So, when you sign up with Solid Marketz, you will be getting a trading platform for trading. What matters the most here is that you should be able to understand this platform with ease. I can tell you from my personal experience that it took me no more than 5 minutes to know everything about this software. Yes, there were a few things that took some time, but the things that mattered the most started making sense within five minutes.

So, when you join this trading platform, you should also understand everything within a few minutes. More importantly, you will not have to make any types of adjustments to sign up with this broker. Things have already been taken care of by the company for you. If you use an iPhone, you can use this platform with ease. If you have an Android phone, you can still use it conveniently. It will even work on your tablets, laptops, and perusal desktop computers. Not to mention the fact that you are getting MetaTrader 4, which is the best the world of trading has seen to this day.

An Asset Index That Impresses

The asset index from this company is one of the most impressive ones when I compare it to what I have seen other companies offering. I have been with multiple types of online trading services providers. First, you have a type that provides you with only a specialized format of trading. For example, I once signed up with a firm that only provided with forex trading services. Furthermore, I once signed up with a company that provided with stock trading. In the case of Solid Marketz, things were completely different. I could use the same trading platform and account to access many different markets and assets.

I can trade forex currency pairs from all around the world when I am with Solid Marketz. I can trade minor currency pairs for bigger risks and rewards, and I can trade exotic currency pairs when I feel adventurous. In the same manner, you can trade a variety of cryptocurrency types when you are with this company. The broker has also made stocks, indices, and commodities available to you so you can become an ideal investor with a perfectly distributed portfolio of investments.

Tools You Can Rely On

Even the tools that Solid Marketz has provided its traders with are some of the best I have seen in the online trading industry. There are many tools that I had not even seen before when I was signed up with other online brokers. You have an economic calendar, that should tell you everything about the major economic activities that are happening around the world. This calendar will help you know the most important events that could affect the value of the assets that you are investing in. You can also take advantage of technical analysis when you sign up with this company.

The firm has given you a page on which you will find the results of technical analysis of many different assets. You have real time charts to get instant status of the financial market and online academy that contains all the material that you need for getting help with your trading. You will find plenty of videos in the online academy that will help you from the introduction of trading to every strategy that helps you trade in every market condition.

Security You Can Trust

This broker has made sure that every action you perform when you trade with it is safe. From you providing information on the website to depositing funds in your trading account, everything is safe and secure. Firstly, you will notice that the broker has arranged for more than 10 methods for you to fund your account. These methods are not only easy and fast, but they are also considered the safest ones in the world. You can fund your account with your credit card, debit card, internet payment, bank wire transfer, and more. The information you provide on the website has also been protected by the company.

You will see that Solid Marketz has clearly mentioned the use of SSL certificates on its website to ensure that every piece of detail you provide on the website is encrypted. Last but not least, even the money you deposit in your trading account does not stay with the broker in its personal account. In fact, the company has maintained separate accounts at regulated banks where all the money that traders deposit is maintained.

Final Thoughts

An ideal company makes trading easy for you and allows you to generate great profits from your trades. It gives you the right platform that you can use with ease and provides you with resources that help you make well-informed trading decisions every time you trade. If you need with anything, you can always call the company on the phone number that’s given on the website. These professionals work only during the five working days, but they are there to help you with your concerns during the day and night, and around the clock.