STRK’s transaction count rose to an all-time high of 26,344 just days after Starkware announced its Ethereum deployment. Starkware revealed that it recently launched the Starknet coin bridge on the ETH mainnet amidst the recent ups and downs in the cryptocurrency market.

Data from Orbiter Finance shows that the StarkNet token’s transaction volume grew rapidly in the days after the announcement, reaching an all-time high of 26,344 transactions per day as of the time of writing. 

Rising levels of transactions

Orbiter Finance reports that StarkNet is by no means the lone coin with such a significant trading volume. The daily charts show significant trading volumes for tokens besides STRK, indicating a favorable market environment.

Also reporting broad trading levels were coins like Optimism or the cryptocurrency Arbitrum. About 304,880 transactions were recorded by the latter and more than three hundred thousand by Optimism. 

As users and traders continue to actively trade cryptocurrencies, this demonstrates that there may yet be some expectancy for the cryptocurrency market. 

Ethereum’s mainnet saw the deployment of Starkware

The new system’s cryptocurrency bridge was launched on the ETH network, according to a recent announcement from Starkware. According to StarkNet, StarkNet is being used to pay transaction fees today, taking a new move up to a new level of finance distribution.

STRK will be used as an administration coin, to endure trading costs, and to take part in the new agreement-making process. Using zk-STARK for computational security, Israeli company Starkware is constructing the Level 2 Ethereum blockchain.

The StarkNet token, which was introduced in July, was created to enable StarkNet to accomplish the creation of the new finance system with the help of balloting, venturing, and cost defrayments. 

An active network engineer, StarkWare’s eight-billion-dollar evaluation in a financial support cycle at the beginning of 2022 served as markers for the launch of the token.

The Ethereum blockchain has a scalability issue that produces low-level output and more gasoline costs or higher trading costs as the volume of deals goes up. StarkWare technology fixes this issue.

The company’s roll-up technology combines hundreds of dealings from the primary crypto-based system to lessen the computational burden.