A new token related to Trump’s health named Trump Health Index (THI) is over decentralized exchange Uniswap. It shows anything can be recorded on the blockchain in token form.

Trump Health Index

Trump Health Index (THI) will work like an index that would track the health status of Donald Trump, the current president of the US. According to the given little known information, the index will go up if Trump’s health gets better. On the other hand, it will go down if Trump does not feel well. However, no more information is present about the token.

After listing over Uniswap, its price plunged from $0.957 to $0.954. After Trump tweeted that he was feeling well, the price of THI token again jumped to $0.956.

The Relationship between Trump and the Crypto Community

The relationship between Trump and the cryptocurrency community is very good. The crypto community offended when Trump used very strict words for Bitcoin. As a president of the United States, news about him affected cryptocurrency many times.

Recently, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies dropped suddenly after Trump and his wife had tested positive for Coronavirus. However, crypto markets recovered themselves shortly after the news. Bitcoin did not act as a hedge against uncertainty created right after Trump’s health news. Bitcoin’s correlation with the US equity markets witnessed which rejected the narrative of correlation between Bitcoin and gold. According to the data, the correlation between Bitcoin and SP500 is very high. However, gold moved in an upward direction amid Trump’s COVID positive test.

On the debate between Trump and Joe Biden, a cryptocurrency platform launched futures. Changes in futures price would tell the sentiments of crypto investors. However, majority of the crypto members rejected Trump as a president.

There is another token with the name StopTrumpCoin listed on Cryptopia. The slogan of the token is “to bring about world peace so that all humans are treated fairly and equally.”

In favor of Trump, some crypto members created a token entitled TrumpCoin. The price value of TrumpCoin jumped by 200% yesterday after Trump gave positive news about his health.