The crypto market is known for its volatility and haphazardness when it comes to that, but a few changes just overrule the usual wear and tear of the crypto market, as these happened on 1st April. So, would you want to know what did happen or change while you were sleeping? If so, then continue reading through the post, and you will be all caught up in no time. 

First of all, as you all know that Bitcoin has been going through some tough time until 25th March, its price did drop to an even $53k-54k range, and the further decline was imminent, but then it did catch up with a bullish trend which allowed the price to go high and as of the 31st March the official price of bitcoin reached $59,800 and currently it is trading over a resistance area of $59,500. Despite all that, all the technical indicators have also gone bullish, and it seems that Bitcoin is once again in it for a home run while being able to cross another all-time high in terms of price. 

Cardano Making Positive Moves and New Altcoins are Getting Launched

Cardano has been making waves despite the lesser interest of the financial ignitions around the world as it has recently taken the 4th position from the Tether coin among the list of top 10 cryptocurrencies, and that too happened right on 31st March. Cardano is going to become a sophisticated crypto and blockchain handling system despite all the negative pushback, it seems.

Other than that, THETA and Litecoin are currently neck-on-neck in terms of price-performance, and they have a less than $100 million difference remaining in terms of the market cap. Other than that, American rapper Snoop Dogg is also announcing his non-fungible token in the form of a documentary, ‘A journey with the Dogg,’ which will eventually drop on 2nd April. These are all the changes that did take place around 31st March while most of you were sleeping, and it confirms that despite all the volatility and instability that the crypto market has, it is still an amazing place to be interested in.