Bitcoin mining has been in effect for over a decade now and the technology continues to become better and improved over time. But because of the lethality of the mining equipment and its adverse effects on the environment, most of these operations are being shut down as sanctions become more strict from the US’s side.

SMIC Blowing Off All Sanctions

Despite these enthralling sanctions the semiconductor manufacturing international corporation (SMIC) has made exemplary advancements within the Bitcoin mining chip as it is now incorporating the use of the cutting edge semiconductor technology which will blast off the rate at which mining for Bitcoin can take place.

According to a report published by an industry Blogger by the name of Tech-Insights, it was reported that the semiconductor company is now incorporating the use of 7nm nanometer technology which is the most advanced and cutting edge within the semiconductor world and promises faster clock speeds and incredible boost not only in the performance of the chip but also its capacity to solve those complex mathematical equations to mine Bitcoin.

It is also being said that this new semiconductor chip is at least two generations ahead of the previous 14-nanometer semiconductor as it allows for the placement of more and more transistors into a smaller space thus achieving a higher efficiency rather than the previous generation.

One thing that is worth mentioning here is the fact that the SMIC got banned back in 2020 by the Trump administration because of some security concerns regarding the connection of the semiconductor corporation with the Chinese military.

The company itself has dismissed all such accusations but still, the ban remains imminent. U.S. government has also made plans to further inflict restrictions on the semiconductor company so that the export from China could be prevented from going all the way to Russia and other such administrations.

But all of this has not stopped the SMIC from manufacturing more efficient and worthy designs for the Bitcoin mining equipment and that is a win for the mining community.